Oklahoma's Brooks & Dunn announces split

Shaking harder than the 3.4 earthquake in Pontotoc County last week was the country music industry's reaction to the breakup of Brooks & Dunn. On Aug. 10, the Grammy winning duo " comprised of Kix Brooks and former Tulsan Ronnie Dunn " announced it will split in 2010, after 20 years of making hits and scooting boots. Thanks for the advance warning! All this time, CFN thought 2012 was the end (at least according to the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar date).

To find out what America thought of the news, CFN went straight to its pulse: Twitter, of course. (Warning: At least one of these tweets practically requires a decoder ring.)

"Are you just as sad as I that Brooks&Dunn are now Brooks&DONE? Who now is going to sing at our lesbian,Hawaiian themed wedding?" "@YasmineBee

"Brooks and Dunn splitting up after all this time? it is so sad. I may have to morn this for a while." "@csandage

"There went my day.... Brooks & Dunn are going their seperate ways. Sad sad sad. I grew up listening to them..... Still LOVE them... Sad sad." "@AprilRiley

"ohh noo !! Brooks && Dunn broke upp :(:(" "@tyybrina

"Jess is sad. Jess loves brooks and Dunn. Jess might have a heart attack." "@rebeljesss

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