Oklahoma's Congresslady gains Capitol Hill admirer

We knew it was only a matter of time, but the wolves of Washington have caught scent of our own Little Red Riding Hood, Rep. Mary Fallin.


According to a recent issue of the Washington, D.C., newsletter The Hill, a young North Carolina Republican representative, Patrick McHenry (no, really), is sorta denying but not all the way that he's in luuuurrrve with the Fallin woman.


"Shhh "¦ keep it a secret," McHenry told The Hill, apparently joking. "I would be honored. It would improve my reputation and probably do the opposite for hers." (!)


McHenry said the rumor likely started because both are single.


Well, that probably beats getting caught tapping his foot in the men's room.


As for Fallin? Well, she dismissed any interest in the young fellow, The Hill reported.


"Well, that's pretty funny," Fallin said, laughing. "There's a slight problem. He's much, much younger than me. He's 32, no? And I'm in my 50s. He's a sweet man. I don't think it's going to happen."


Ha! So there's still a chance for us forlorn Oklahoma types trying to sidle up to her on the way to Grandma's house.


What led to these rumors? Well, could it be because, as we reported in a previous Chicken-Fried News, Fallin was selected by The Hill as one of the "50 Most Beautiful People on Capitol Hill"? Yes, perhaps. Or perhaps the young lothario found out about her appearance as an extra once in a movie with Molly Ringwald, as also reported in The Hill. Or perhaps it was, as also reported, she keeps in shape by jogging on a treadmill, lifting weights and otherwise keeping her girlish figure.


Fallin, however, suggested another reason for the rumors.


"I think it was boredom in the Cloak Room," she told The Hill.

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