Oklahoma's Gary Busey is or is not on Twitter

CFN's favorite crazed actor who was once an Oklahoman " that's Gary Busey, of course " is on Twitter, but also not on Twitter.

See, there are several accounts that purport to be the microblogging ramblings of the skull-fractured thespian whose recent films include such titles as "Homo Erectus" and "The Gingerdead Man," but none are confirmed to belong to him.

They are, however, pretty decent impersonations.

Take GBusey (www.twitter.com/gbusey), for example, among whose recent tweets feature such bon mots as:

 "The visceral manifestation of ingenuity is a vacant abstraction." "Your mind is like a jungle of thoughts hidden on the island of your spirit." "Failure is a state of mind. If you are afraid to fail you've already failed at accepting the inevitability of your success."

Then there's GaryJBusey (www.twitter.com/garyjbusey), who's less metaphysical and more profane. Witness:

"The difference between an oral thermometer and a rectal thermometer is the taste." "I need a pet duck to blame everytime I fart." "I slept with a woman who works at 7-11, and now I think I have slurpes."

Lastly, there's Gary_Busey (www.twitter.com/gary_Busey), who has but one tweet to date:

"Going to workout"

Clearly a fake " the real Gary Busey wouldn't willingly exercise, would he?

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