Twelve gun-toting gals posing as snipers and sitting on motorcycles (on train tracks, no less) were photographed for the calendar, which was intended to raise money for the Lincoln County Republicans. Calling themselves “Heels Packing Heat” (or the more down-home spelling of “Heels Packin’ Heat” if you squint to read the text screen-printed on their red T-shirts), these weapon-toting women are now under investigation, according to a News 9 report.

“I guess we’ve stepped on some toes,” Steve Buoy, the chairman of the Lincoln County Republicans, told News 9.

Photos that surfaced on Facebook late last month showed the group used the inside of the county courthouse as a backdrop for some of the shots.

Sheriff Charlie Dougherty, who’s viewed surveillance video of the shoot, told the station a county commissioner allowed the women in the courthouse. For some reason, some judges weren’t fired up about the photography, and the investigation ensued.

“I don’t know where they were going with this, but in our investigation, I haven’t got to talk to all these people,” he told News 9. “So I don’t know what their intentions was. I don’t think they intended on violating any laws. I think it was very innocent.”

While the “Heels” could not be reached for comment, they could face misdemeanor charges for the incident, according to the station. See, it’s illegal to bring guns into a courthouse.

“We will rectify it and apologize to the judges, and whoever else might have been offended, and try to make it right,” Buoy said.

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