2807 N Walker Ave #5

If you’re looking for an affordable place to find flawless fashion, Library is the place. Jessi Murray and Ãnna Frost aspired to create a fashion-for- ward business with a focus on sustainability, and they succeeded. What started out as a passion project in Jessi’s apartment grew into a flourishing Paseo business after she and Ãnna met on Instagram and brought their idea to life. Library OKC is a place where women can go to indulge in a shopping experience that is not only eco-friendly but affordable and unique. With the Library’s system, you can reserve the clothes you want online, pick them up or have them shipped to your door. When you’re finished with your selections, simply return them and choose your next ones. You even have the option to purchase the outfits you love. Cleaning out your closet? Give them a call and you might make a little cash off your clothes. Library partners with Legacy Cleaners to keep garments fresh and extend their life. It’s fashion upcycling at its finest!


121 E. Waterloo Road Suite 8, Edmond

Founded by native Texans in 2015 (Brian is from Houston and Jennifer is from Amarillo) who transferred to Louisiana and then Oklahoma while working in the oil and gas industry, TexLaHoma BBQ was born. The couple started catering BBQ out of their home to make ends meet during an ebb in the energy field, eventually buying an ex- isting barbecue joint from a widow after her husband passed, renovating it and building a new smokehouse. Seeing a gap in the market for Texas- style barbecue, the couple added the spice of Louisiana and opened with one smoker serving only sandwiches. Since then, Texlahoma has been through six smokers and has added a car hauler converted into a food truck trailer. More expansion is planned (retailing sauces and rubs are being discussed), but get there early. Open Tuesday through Saturday, they shut the doors at 8 p.m. except on days when they sell out of their delicious meats.

Dead People’s Stuff

1900 Linwood Blvd.

While it’s not the Antiques Roadshow, Dead People’s Stuff is sure to take you on the antiquities journey of your dreams. Located in the renovated CAT space on Linwood Blvd, this shop blends vintage with a unique modern design intended to accommodate all different types of projects. Here you’ll find a plethora of exciting artifacts hand sourced from all over the world. Structural antiques like vintage doors, windows, and sconces line the space, complemented by handmade rugs from India, classic typewriters, photographs, art, and everything in between. If you’re looking for something different to add to your decor, you’ll probably find it here. The plant lover can even peruse a spectacular selection of greenery to add to their collection. From more ex- tensive projects to simple decorative details, Dead People’s Stuff is a place where interior designers, builders, and shoppers of all kinds can truly feel inspired.

3703 N Western Ave.

Mosaic is the newest dispensary to Western Ave. Neighbors to one of Oklahoma City’s famous dive bars, Cock o’ the Walk, and the indie record shop Guestroom Records, the owners of Resonant Cultivation get the relaxed vibe correct. Mosaic sets itself apart with a vibrant pastel geometric interior that immediately makes you feel comfort- able. Local mural artists Sara Cowan and Kris Kanaly set the mood and an installation piece created by the team of Factory Obscura help unite Oklahoma City’s creative community into this retail cannabis experience. With the interior set showcasing the visual brand- ing of Mosaic, the regular flower drops from Resonant meet the same high bar. A commitment to quality products and a multi-sensory experience helps set a strong contrast from other dispensaries. In an overcrowded cannabis industry that often seems to forget about visual presentation, Mosaic is a well-branded concept. From its brick-and-mortar shop, social media, and product packaging, Mosaic has set a new standard of what can be done in the cannabis industry.

Video Games Plus

4551 NW 23rd St.

Video Games Plus offers a blast to the past with an impressive collection of quality classics. These guys have a passion for gaming and keeping the legacy alive, from more popular and recent formats to obscure vintage finds (Virtual Boy and Neo Geo anyone?) You can trust Video Games Plus to fix broken gaming systems of almost any type, give great tips on your favorite games, offer recommendations and provide impeccable customer service. There is no system or format too off the beaten path to find its ways to the shelves of Video Games Plus, another advantage the shop has over corporate video game chains who put profit and business model ahead of love of the game. They may not be traded publicly on the stock market, but privately, the owners have been known to pull titles from their personal collections for sale to customers.

OKC Soda Co.

1332 W Memorial Rd
1900 Linwood Blvd.

If you’re looking for a different kind of soda, OKC Soda Co. might be your jam! This local craft soda company uses pure cane sugar and natural additives to create unique flavors. The Strawberry Milkshake tastes like a strawberry milk- shake. And the Blueberry Acai tastes exactly as you might expect that might too. Most of their flavors tend to lean more to the “creamier” side, so expect more A&W than Barq’s from its root beer and hits the mark with more cream than orange in their Orange Cream. On the other hand, this unique sensibility gives their lemon-lime citrus soda an entirely different dimension of flavor.

Smart Pots/High Caliper Growing

7000 North Robinson Ave.

Ralph Reiger started sewing fabric pots in 1980 with the mission of making his trees and plants easier to harvest. Little did he know he would revolution- ize growing of all kinds, forever. By 1984, his idea had blossomed both literally and figuratively into a booming business that supplies gardeners worldwide. Ralph’s Smart Pots help distribute water evenly throughout their containers, release heat and prune roots to help gardeners produce better, healthier plants which is especially helpful in the hot summer heat. High Caliper Growing manufac- tures Smart Pots, Big Bag Beds and Root Control Bags right here in Oklahoma City but do their business throughout the world. Cannabis growers have been using them for decades to bring their cultivation to the next level.

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