to a Pew Charitable Trusts study, the state has the highest percentage
of residents who have used payday loans in the past five years. Kay
Richey of the Tulsa-based Oklahoma Policy Institute notes that there are
more payday loan storefronts than the number of “Walmarts, McDonalds,
and QuikTrips combined.”

stands firmly against usury — for those of you playing along at home,
we’re also against rape, murder and rampant use of the phrase, “I know,
right?” — and we’re glad Oklahoma has laws to regulate these often-shady

But we’re
willing to cut the borrowers some slack. Sometimes one’s car has a
blowout and one’s credit card is maxed out. And one has to get to work:
Have you tried using the bus in this town?

I know, right?

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