Pilot utters wrong phrase in Oklahoma airspace

Note to self: When flying into military airspace, perhaps it's best not to utter the phrase "hostile takeover" and then turn off your radio. That's what one pilot did June 11 in the friendly skies over Oklahoma, and found himself with a mess of F-16s on his tail.


According to a report on www.aero-news.net, the pilot was en route to Kansas City, Mo., when he notified Vance Air Force Base near Enid that he was about to enter its airspace. The tower wanted to know his destination, but the pilot thought revealing such a minor detail would result in competitors stealing his clients " we're not sure how that works " so he wouldn't say.


Instead, said Maj. Roger Yates of the Clay County Sheriff's Department, the pilot said he worked "in a hostile business environment" and made reference to a "hostile takeover" before apparently severing communications.


With no way to confirm the intent of the statement, F-16s were sent after the craft, which was escorted to the ground "¦ and several waiting federal agents.


Ever heard of a little something called Sept. 11, 2001?

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