—“Obama’s Vacation Home For Sale & Free Diamonds in California” 

—“Honors College has ice cream social for honor students”

—“Can You Be Trusted? The Answer May Surprise You”

—“Do not read this email . . . unless you want to automatically track hot news and know about it when it happens”

—“Local author condensed life story may be published in Reader’s Digest”

—“Toddy Cloths Now Available at Target Retail Stores and BestBuy.com”


—“Bob Seger’s free Bonus EP a smash success”

—“Article: OB/GYN Gives Pregnancy Tips”

—“TIC Gums Wins International Dairy Show Innovation Award”

—“Investigation Reveals Severe Wall Deterioration of State Capitol Building”

—“G-Form Announces the Arrival of Black Body Pads”

—“Panera Bread promotes National Cinnamon Roll Day on Oct. 4”

—“Splatter-proof your favorite iPad recipes with the brand new iPad Recipe Holder!”

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