President Obama picks Syracuse to top Oklahoma Sooners

It has been pointed out more than once that Oklahoma didn't show much love for Barack Obama during the presidential election.

Well, the prez is returning the favor. Obama is a huge basketball fan and considers himself an expert in the field. He filled out an NCAA basketball tournament bracket sheet for ESPN and picked the University of North Carolina to win the national championship. He did practice with the Tar Heels before his inauguration, after all.

The University of Oklahoma went into the tournament as a No. 2 seed, which is a coveted position to be in, meaning the tournament elders consider the Sooners to be one of the top eight teams in the country. But Obama disagrees. He picked OU to lose in the third round of the tournament to Syracuse, moving the Orangemen on to the round of elite eight.

"They have the player of the year, but they play like seven guys," the president said in an Associated Press article. "I think you start getting worn down."

Now OU has lost four of its last six games, and some players are still getting over a few injuries.

OU head coach Jeff Capel took Obama's prediction in stride.

"I'll let President Obama stick to running the country, and I'll try to coach my team to the best of my ability," Capel said at a press conference.

Obama gave absolutely no love for the Oklahoma State Cowboys. He predicted OSU to lose in the first round to Tennessee. Obama better hope his predictions are right, or he might lose every Oklahoma city come re-election time.

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