Look, Chicken-Fried News realizes that bachelor parties can get pretty wild, but unless you’re starring in a sorta needless sequel, there’s no need for the night to end in jail. We’re guessing one 22-year-old guy might agree with us.

So here’s what happened. A couple of weekends ago, a group was out for a bachelor party, according to KFOR. They had a limo and everything. Sounds swanky. It turned decidedly less so at a hotel in the southwest metro when the suspect began puking in the back of said limo after “visiting several bars with friends,” according to KFOR. Things turned south when the limo driver saw him pass out in the back of the limo.

The driver called for assistance and EMSA arrived. But just as they were getting the passed-out dude onto the stretcher, he awoke and allegedly socked a female paramedic right in the face, according to the station. Boom!

According to KFOR, Amanda Price- King, the medic on the receiving end of the fist of fury, said she’d been hit before while on the job, but never in the face.

“Unfortunately, it’s one of the risks that we face out here in the field,” EMSA Field Supervisor Mike Roy told KFOR.

Really? Maybe you guys should invest in some mouth guards then or something.

Anyway, according to KFOR, the suspect was arrested on complaints of assault and battery, plus public drunkeness. But in his defense, the limo driver told KFOR he believed the guy was so loaded, he didn’t even know what he was punching.

We’re sure that makes all the difference.

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