‘Puppy mill abuse motivated by greed’

This hard-fought effort to provide oversight and protection to animals in puppy mills is a must. I work in the area of dog rescue, and have seen firsthand the horrific abuse and neglect experienced by dogs kept in those type conditions. Dogs are literally tortured at the hands of greedy, uncaring animal breeders, often setting up sweet Internet sites to cover the horrible conditions the adult dogs and unwanted puppies actually live in.

It would seem with millions of abandoned animals roaming the streets or waiting to be euthanized in shelters, breeders would not see the need to create “designer dogs.” I ask everyone to please consider shelter adoption and put a stop to the puppy mill abuse motivated by greed.

Most of all, I urge everyone who loves animals to please call their representatives and demand they not repeal Senate Bill 1712. You can tell a lot about the character of a person on how he treats a defenseless animal. Tread carefully around those that support or encourage the abuse or neglect of an animal.

Sen. Brecheen is wrong: No one has the right to be protected when they mistreat animals to gain a profit. Those with nothing to hide and not motivated by greed would welcome an inspection and a fee to support the program. Obviously, he either has never visited a puppy mill, or he lacks a heart to even consider an effort to repeal the Commercial Pet Breeders Act. Oklahoma, this is your chance to help a voiceless animal. And remember these choices when you vote.

—Ranelle Newport
Midwest City

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