Credit: Brad Gregg

Wait, what?

With its organic line of pH-balancing feminine hygiene products, Healthy Hoohoo has penetrated the Whole Foods market, launching in select stores in four states, Oklahoma included.

The Seattle-based company’s news release says it best: “Healthy Hoohoo makes it easier to cleanse and deodorize without the worry of drying out and unpleasant odors down there. … Healthy Hoohoo gentle feminine wash, foaming cleanser and wipes are designed to naturally cleanse girlie parts without removing all the goodness Mother Nature put down there.”

Apologies if you were enjoying an in-store snack of Thailand-farmed deveined shrimp while reading that sentence.

The products are free of parabens, phthalates and other fancy-sounding words we don’t know, but Chicken-Fried News takes their word for it.

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