I’m heading westbound on Grand over the Lake Hefner Parkway and have to slow down behind a bicyclist blocking the road, waiting for the oncoming traffic to pass. Meanwhile, I’m looking at the paved bike path that encircles Lake Hefner, not 3 yards north of where he’s a-pedallin’.

This isn’t some random dude on a bike; he’s got his spandex and his Tron-helmet and everything going on, so you would think he would sway over onto the path the city paid good money to build for him.

It’s really no wonder drivers get so frustrated when they won’t even take advantage of what they’ve been given. Sadly, after picking up my Hideaway Pizza, I’m on the way home on the west side of the lake, and there he is again, out just a foot right of the road’s centerline! The lack of sense is just puzzling.

—Daniel Shywaoub
Oklahoma City

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