Rep. Kern clarifies statement against homosexual community

Speaking at the Wake Up, America! Conference on Aug. 7 in Oklahoma City, state Rep. Sally Kern said God wanted her to run for state office, and defended her comment about homosexuals being a bigger threat to America than terrorism.

"I did say to them that day that I feel that homosexuality is more dangerous than terrorism," Kern said. "Now that statement kind of ticked off the homosexuals, but by that, all I meant was, fortunately, on our soil, we've only had two to three terrorist attacks, and regrettably, about 5,000 people have been killed. But every day in this nation, every single one of us, especially our children, are bombarded with the thought that homosexuality is normal and natural. "¦ Well, it's not normal and natural."

Kern lamented that she now is always referred to in the media as the person who made those statements.

"I think to myself, 'Don't we live in the Bible Belt?' Why can't they say, 'This is state Rep. Sally Kern, who has made pro-biblical comments about homosexuality.'"

Much of her speech, titled "Taking a Stand Against Liberals," was concerned with homosexuality, and included a reference to "homosexual millionaires" who have been working secretly for years, Kern claims, "to change the society of America, the political side of America, so that there would be freedom and equality for everyone."

Kern encouraged her audience "to get the word out" about her opponent in the District 84 election, Brittany Novotny, a transgender attorney.

Novotny told Oklahoma Gazette, "I've been very honest about who I am; I'm not hiding who I am. I think the voters appreciate that I've been honest. Mainly, I think it's interesting that Sally Kern is spending a Saturday preaching to the choir, which she admits to in the recording, rather than talking to voters about education, roads and issues that affect all Oklahomans."

Read the full story in the Aug. 25 Gazette. "Greg Horton

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