Rev. Steve Kern misrepresents science

Factual evidence shows the Cambrian “explosion” took 80 million years. To say all phyla developed nearly simultaneously and suddenly is ignorant.

Microevolution is just the beginning of macroevolution. Contending macroevolution does not occur is absurd and laughably in conflict with the facts. Large-scale evolutionary change occurs over geologic time scales — millions of years. Biologists don’t expect to directly observe species evolving into new species.

The mechanisms to correct miscopied DNA sometimes miss such mistakes. That’s why it’s called a “mutation.” Many mutations are neutral in the current environment. They don’t help or hurt during the animal’s life. When the environment changes (i.e., weather, habitat, competition, isolation, etc.), some mutations confer survival advantage. Those mutations tend to Again, Rev. Kern is deliberately misrepresenting science. There is extensive science refuting his claims. All of this information is available at the public library.

—David Grow

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