Romney is the choice for Oklahoma

—The Keystone XL Pipeline:

From our state’s perspective, I could rest my case there. The Obama administration’s decision not to approve the pipeline is one of the greatest failures of his term. National security, small business and Oklahoma jobs are at risk of serious setback.

Keystone XL Pipeline means more construction jobs, more industry jobs, and more economic activity across the state. An estimated 700,000 barrels a day from Canada and domestic resources would help reduce oil imports from countries that are hostile to the
U.S. Gov. Romney knows the Keystone XL Pipeline will make us more energy
secure by providing a stable, long-term supply of crude oil to domestic

—Manufacturing: Manufacturing employment is a key economic generator in Oklahoma. This past year, Oklahoma has led the nation in manufacturing job growth at a rate of 6.7 percent. This industry has grown in spite of federal policies, not because of them. In other words: They did build that. Gov. Romney was born in Detroit (an icon of American manufacturing) and, as a businessman, he understands manufacturing, exports, imports and international trade.

—Federalism: Gov. Romney is an executive, in business and public life. He is a leader. As a former governor, he will be a president who empowers the state. State sovereignty is too often impeded by federal overreach. Oklahoma is a great state with rich history and heritage; we need less federal government and more 10th Amendment empowerment. A governor explicitly understands that federalism is a constitutional principle, not a doctrinal theory.

—National defense: Terrorist sleeper cells are a consistent threat. Gov. Romney understands that the best prevention of war is a strong defense. Oklahoma is home to five major military installations. More than 69,100 military personnel, federal civilian personnel and contractors were employed at our state’s military installations in 2010. Gov. Romney is the only candidate advocating additional defense spending. We need a commander-in-chief who champions a strong military.

—Small business: Over 97 percent of Oklahomans are employed by small businesses. Gov. Romney’s pro-growth policies and efforts to reduce the tax burden and remove the impediments to growth and regulations hindering our small businesses mirror our own efforts and successes here in Oklahoma. Our small businesses need to be armed with policies that promote progress and accountability.

Gov. Romney exemplifies much of what makes Oklahoma strong. He not only chose a running mate with Oklahoma ties, but he has championed policies that reflect Oklahoma values and priorities. Under a Romney administration, Oklahoma would enjoy a stronger middle class, more jobs, a more robust economy, energy independence and a smaller government. On Tuesday, when we are each given the privilege and duty of casting a ballot, for the man we think can lead our country to prosperity, remember Romney.

Lamb, a Republican, is lieutenant governor of Oklahoma.

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