Credit: Brad Gregg


“It is a terrific opportunity to educate people about the importance of prevention and responsible condom use,” said Terry Dennison, director of education for the organization. “We want people to feel that it’s OK to talk about condoms and that condom use can be the norm rather than the exception.”

He’s not kidding. PPCO invites Oklahomans to drop by any of its five metro-area health centers during the festivities, not only for free condoms, candy and bumper stickers (heck, that’s practically an entire V-Day date, gratis!) but to participate in a contest to “guess the number of condoms in the jar.”

No word on what the winner receives; Chicken-Fried News guesses condoms.

Accompanying the PPCO news release were 15 items of “condom trivia.” For example, the first condom can be traced back to 1850 BC — “Better check the expiration date on your supply,” reminds the group.

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