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That’s a rhetorical question, of course.

The answer is: damn near everyone.

When lawmaker and alleged briber Terrill, R-Moore, announced he was not running for reelection, three Republicans squared off in the June 26 primary. The results forced a Tuesday runoff in which Moore businessman Mark McBride faces Norman resident Paula Sullivan.

Mike McCarville, author of the Oklahoma conservative news blog McCarville Report, wrote that Sullivan was talking trash about McBride, citing an Oklahoman article that quoted Sullivan as saying her opponent lacks the backbone and intellect needed to make hard decisions at the Capitol and “doesn’t come across when you meet him as a very intelligent person.”

McCarville then quoted Sullivan’s son Alex, 18, as saying that newspaper writer Michael McNutt had fabricated or misattributed the quotes.

razor time: Which is more likely, a veteran political reporter with a
solid track record suddenly makes up quotes, or an 18-year-old makes a
spontaneous, angry and ill-advised defense of his mom who is running for

later called Sullivan’s candidacy a “train wreck” presided over by
Terrill and former state House Speaker Lance Cargill. Terrill accused
McCarville of being on the State Chamber of Commerce payroll.

at Chicken-Fried News, meanwhile, plan to be in hiding, waiting for the angry corpse
of Ronald Reagan to suddenly burst forth from his grave to take furious
vengeance upon those violating the 11th Commandment (Thou shalt not
speak ill of any fellow Republican).

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