Seattle fans deride Oklahoma City for not selling out second Thunder game

The die-hard Sonics fans (those folks from Seattle that say we stole their Thunder, er, SuperSonics) are still having a hard time letting go. A Nov. 6 posting on the Supersonics Soul blog, "The Sonics blog for the Sonics people" was ominously titled "Not Very Thunderful."

Uh-oh. We're a bit afraid to keep reading.

It seems attendance for the second game for the Thunder at the Ford Center didn't sell out. While both the first and third games, against Milwaukee and Boston, respectively, were full houses, game two against the Minnesota Timberwolves sold only 18,163 tickets. Poster PN set the scene for his discontent with the following:

"You remember the Oklahoma City faithful, right? They were the ones who spent the past year deriding Sonic fans for not supporting their team enough "¦ mocking us for having our heads so deep in our granola bowls and espresso cups we couldn't appreciate the wonderfulness of David Stern's universe."

Um, yes, we do believe we remember us. Although, some of us are pretty fond of espresso and granola, too. Just saying "¦ Anyway, back to PN.

"Well, less than one week into their lifetimes as NBA hosts, they couldn't bother to sell out a Sunday night game "¦ I'll say that again: Game 2 of the NBA Experience-Dust Bowl Version was not a sellout."

Well, that's not very nice. We could call you plaid-wearing hippies, but you don't see us doing that, now do you?

It is true that the Nov. 2 game wasn't a sellout, but one comment on the blog by chunkstyle23 possibly sums up why:

"I'm surprised that there were 18,000 Godless heathens in the whole red state of Oklahoma who would dare go to a basketball game on the LORD'S day. For shame!"

As the only state in the entire nation that went completely red, not to mention gave McCain the largest margin of victory, on election day, we can't say much to that comment.

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