Shot in Oklahoma movie features Alba's butt double, or not

In the movie, based upon the book from Okie cult crime novelist Jim Thompson, Casey Affleck plays a psychotic deputy sheriff. How psychotic? Well, in the viral clip, he takes off his belt and spanks Jessica Alba's bare bottom into a bruised behind while she screams and winces in pain. But get this: She likes it! And they do the deed, which may explain the title.

Tush fetishists, your prayers have been answered! Alba fans, not so fast. According to celebrity nudity expert Mr. Skin, those half-moon hindquarters aren't hers.

On Nov. 5, Mr. Skin wrote on Twitter, "Pretty sure Jessica Alba's using a body double in 'The Killer Inside Me.' Will know more when the skin scouts see it."

Then, four days later, while a world awaited good news: "Sorry to report: It's not her. That butt belongs to a Body Double!"

On his Web site, Mr. Skin delivered a crushing blow: "A few of the shots allegedly include Alba's lovely face and that scrumptious butt in the same frame, but after close skinalysis, the Skin Lab was unable to confirm that the face and fanny were not attached to a body double."

But one commenter disagreed: "It's her butt. I know that butt. Go on Yahoo Image Search you can see her in bathing suits. No one can find a double this good. We got lucky. Of course Jessica will lie and say it's a double. Don't believe it. I know that butt, My name isn't Dr. Butts for nothing."

Poor Guthrie! First you lose capital-city status, and now this.

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