Sick and tired of 'negative naysayers'

Referring to the "Sick of it" letter of J. Simms in the June 30 issue, I would like to say I'm also "sick of it" " sick of people like J. Simms who are the negative naysayers about one's right to be who one is.

Enlightenment of any kind doesn't work with people who are so narrow-minded and fearful of difference, so I say good riddance. My family and friends are sick and tired of reading about that part of the human race that can't adjust to reality, tired of reading the old rhetoric and dogma of hate and divisiveness and tired of the name-calling.

I wish they could be educated to become decent members of our society, but their bloody-mindedness will keep it from happening. We can only hope the next generation will be better educated. So don't throw in the towel, keep publishing excellent issues like the June 23 issue, not everybody out there is a J. Simms (my new word for the small and selfish-minded among us).
"Gene Chappell
Oklahoma City

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