good senator is perhaps a bit of a conspiracy nut when it comes to this
issue. It’s no secret he believes climate change is fictional,
contrived by mad scientists at the United Nations. So, winter is a prime
time for Inhofe to spout off about clandestine operations and the
alleged Evil Empire.

proof? It was cold in Washington, D.C. the day Inhofe made another
round of comments. It was cold 10 years ago during a global warming
rally, too. Inhofe also cited a March 2009 speech Rep. Nancy Pelosi
(D-California) gave during a global warming rally — when it snowed. The
same situation occurred a year earlier when former Vice President Al
Gore discussed global warming in Milan.

Senator, it’s apparent from all of these anecdotes you’ve provided that
climate change is a made-up, underhanded scheme to help Dr. Evil, Mini
Me and

Goldmember take over the world.

What else could it be?

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