Dave Diaz by Noble Cannabis Co.
Dave Diaz by Noble Cannabis Co.

Strain Review: Dave Diaz

Strain name: Dave Diaz

Grown by: Noble Cannabis Co.

Acquired from: Blue Collar Criminals

Date acquired: Nov. 17

Physical traits: frosted purple and green

Bouquet: earthy, fruity

Review: Blue Collar Criminals has carried their own flower since opening the dispensary doors in 2019, but after reopening them earlier this summer, they soon expanded their menu to include other trusted farmers. Noble Cannabis Co., is a family-owned hydroponics operation based in, well, you can guess. We’re not sure who Dave Diaz is, but we’re sure he’d be proud. The floral aroma hits the nose pleasantly before grinding down into a dark, rich smoke. While this “indica”-leaning strain offers a soft and hazy body high, it’s not particularly overbearing, making it perfect for both artistic endeavors or holiday shopping sprees.

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