GG#4 by The Laughing Goat
GG#4 by The Laughing Goat

Strain Review: GG#4

Strain name: GG#4

Grown by: The Laughing Goat

Acquired from: Green Bloc

Date acquired: June 19

Physical traits: various shades of green

Bouquet: earthy and gassy

Review: Meeting Clint Walker at a pheno-hunt party for ALTVM what seems like a lifetime ago, he was already talking about Green Bloc (and talking down local comedian James Nghiem, who had embarked on a wild ride with Swerve edibles). In the meantime, a strong relationship with Resonant Cultivation has developed and they carry many of their strains but The Laughing Goat was the unknown grower on shelves and it’s hard to resist a classic. While this run doesn’t have that moldy mildew funk that you see sometimes get with GG#4, the effects are still there in spades. Instead of gluing you to the couch though, this run puts you into a pleasant but even state of mild euphoria with ample bits of stupor, so much so that you might momentarily forget that the reason you came was to take some video of the pro skateboarder.

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