Jealousy by Blue Collar Criminals.
Jealousy by Blue Collar Criminals.

Strain Review: Jealousy

Strain name: Jealousy

Grown by: Blue Collar Criminals

Acquired from: Blue Collar Criminals

Date acquired: June 9

Physical traits: light green and orange

Bouquet: gassy and earthy

Review: If you’ve followed The High Culture since the beginning, you know that Blue Collar Criminals (AKA BCC Collective), has always been the anecdotal through-line of the Oklahoma cannabis industry’s developments. Their doors are (quietly) open once again. There’s more to the story, but that will come later. Its strain slate has shifted over the last few years, but Jealousy is at its forefront for a reason. A cross between Sherbert and Gelato breeds, the high is relaxing, but balanced, suitable for daytime consumption during the days when there’s as much sun as night. Also got a sneak peak at some strains up next in the pipeline, like an original Runtz cut, but the Blueberry Cupcake strain looks and smells like it could top it and the other pair in the running.

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