click to enlarge Strain Review: Purple Punch 2.0
Purple Punch 2.0

Strain name:  Purple Punch 2.0

Grown by: Robot Pharmer.

Acquired from: Robot Pharmer

Date acquired: Aug. 6

Physical traits:  purple and light green

Bouquet: sweet and earthy

Review: If you know your Oklahoma cannabis, then you certainly know Robot Pharmer. From its branding to its bud, it has been a company whose crops I’ve repeatedly had but had not gotten a chance to step inside the flagship store on 1st Street in Tulsa until now. Tucked away beside a highway in an industrial zone, the scent of live cannabis plants hits your nose as the mural of the mascot hits your eyes. The flower will soon hit right behind both. Tried the Purple Punch inside a preroll before wandering the Philbrook and that was a grand idea. Lights up your mind while relaxing the body, but unlike some other Purple Punch cuts, this one might make you a little anxious in larger quantities if you’re prone to such things.

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