Terrill Trouble, Part We've-lost-count

The announcement was made and a press conference held on Sept. 16, a Friday, around 4 p.m., otherwise known in the political world as “bury the story time.”

The investigation stems from felony charges in Oklahoma County against Terrill, a Republican, and former Democratic Sen. Debbe Leftwich. Terrill allegedly offered to create a position at the state Medical Examiner’s Office for Leftwich, allowing her to leave her Senate post so Republican Rep. Mike Christian could run for the seat.

The case has yet to go to trial, and Terrill, who refused to take part in the House investigation because it was not public and would not be able to cross-examine witnesses, denies the allegations in the Oklahoma County charges.

The Legislative committee, other than clutching their pearls at the allegations against Terrill, stated that a formal hearing on the matter was not warranted and he could not be expelled from the House without being found guilty of a felony and further punishment beyond the previous reprimand would be duplicative.

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