Texas teen helps Oklahoma woman face impersonation charges

For a youngster from Troup, Texas, Juanetta Chace Lacy was an ex-University of Oklahoma cheerleader planning to help the 14-year-old boy achieve his lifelong goal of becoming a Sooner, according to a copyrighted Tyler Morning
Telegraph report.

The teen's dad, a Texas oilman, also took a shine to the 46-year-old woman and discussed an Irish wedding with her overseas which she said she would finance. He helped her financially because she claimed her "trust fund checks were being held up."

Because of the teen's knowledge of the Internet, authorities reportedly apprehended the suspect that they say had been arrested multiple times and allegedly utilized more than 30 aliases.

In Oklahoma, Payne County officials are trying to extradite the suspect (known there as "Juanita Charree Lantz") on a felony complaint of "false personation," the Telegraph reported. Posing as a member of a wealthy family in Oklahoma, Lacy allegedly assumed the role of "Juanita Gaylord" while attempting to buy a home in 2008.

In Las Vegas, a police public information officer reportedly knew her as Juanetta Granger.

"She has obtained money from multiple parties here under false pretenses and has a history of misrepresenting herself to con her victims," Barbara Morgan, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department public information officer, told the Telegraph. "She has said she was an heiress, a trust-fund baby, but all of that is totally false."

Morgan said "Granger" allegedly deceived a Las Vegas-area florist.

"She sold one of the family members a home that she was leasing and was not even hers. It wasn't her house to sell, but she got the money," Morgan told the Telegraph.

Morgan told the paper "Granger" also took a vehicle from a Nevada resident who claims she forged checks on his account. Authorities discovered the vehicle when Lacy was apprehended last September in Cherokee County, Texas.

The suspect was arrested after the Texas teen did some Web research. The boy's friend also reportedly found a Las Vegas story about Lacy. Now the suspect is fighting extradition to Oklahoma.

"This 14-year-old had a lot to do with her first arrest and in fact, she would not have been arrested in Cherokee County if not for him," Troup Police Department Chief Pat Hendrix told the paper. "These kids today know how to use technology, and in this case he found this woman and her record."

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