Thieves crash Oklahoma City poker party

There's high-stakes poker, then there's "high-stakes poker." We're betting the 22 people robbed at a private poker game a few weeks ago are wishing they'd folded earlier in the night.

According to an article on, an armed robber plus another guy forced their way into a locked room in a Northwest OKC strip mall where 20 men and two women, all hoping luck was their lady, had gathered for a night of cards. The two thieves stole a total of $12,000 and a handful of cell phones.

To keep the losing streak going, the gathered players were actually partaking in illegal gambling, and police who showed up on the scene confiscated chips and cards. But, according to The Oke, the unlucky group isn't going to be charged with illegal gambling.

"If the DA could prove illegal gambling, then you would end up with uncooperative victims in a much more serious case of armed robbery," said Scott Rowland, first assistant district attorney for Oklahoma County.

We're guessing the gamers are breathing a sigh of relief. But if we were them, we'd probably switch to another game for a while " like Scrabble. 

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