Towel-clad man walks Oklahoma interstate

Dude's walking down the street, wearing only a towel, and along comes a police officer "¦


Well, that's what happened around noon on a Friday in Edmond recently, when police were notified that a man was walking along the southbound ramp of Interstate 35 and Second Street, wearing only a towel.


According to The Edmond Sun, Edmond police officer Kris Fite, uh, pulled the guy over and asked him what he was doing. The man told Fite he was trying to hitch a ride into Oklahoma City and then catch a bus, and that he was from Missouri.


Chicken-Fried News figures the officer was going to say, "Show me," but probably thought better of it. Or not. In any case, the story states that the man at first allegedly gave the officer a fake name and Social Security number, but later admitted that they belonged to his brother.


It turned out that the man, Gabriel James Yates, 33, allegedly had a warrant out for his arrest from Missouri for nonsupport, according to the Sun.


The story states that Yates hitched a ride, all right " to the OklahomaCounty calaboose " and awaits extradition to the Show-Me State.

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