How about climbing a Tulsa communications tower (and then refusing to come down for six days)? Yeah, that’s a little … extreme. But it’s just what one Tulsa man did recently, as reported by CNN (good to know the national news is picking up positive stories about the state). A 24-year-old gentleman, who reportedly has a history of mental illness, scaled the tower to evade security guards after being discovered trespassing on another property.

Security guards! They probably would have just called his mom!

Anyway, the Tulsa Spider-Man climbed the tower, then for some mysterious reason that apparently included simply wanting to think some things over and we’re guessing a healthy dose of embarrassment, he stayed up there for six days. CBS news reported that he requested the energy drink Rooster Booster, soft drinks and a stylish cappuccino, but probably was without appropriate SPF.

But finally, the long Tulsa nightmare was over last week after the unnamed man stepped into a rescue basket and was lowered to the ground.

“Patience really paid off here,” said Tulsa Police Department Capt. Ryan Perkins, according to CNN. “We were going to wait until he decided to come down.”

The six-day standoff was apparently the longest in Tulsa’s history, making that a challenge to the rest of the loons out there.

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