Tulsa-born Aqueduct brings act back to state

Oklahoma native David Terry laid the groundwork for his group, Aqueduct, in Tulsa, where he is from and where his family still lives.

"Living in Tulsa definitely made me more hungry for music. The scene there now isn't at all what it was, even just a few years ago," Terry said. "Just driving to Dallas, Lawrence, St. Louis, Kansas City to buy records and see shows really made me want to get out there and make things happen."

Terry said being a resident of Tulsa, where there wasn't always "a lot going on," helped him focus on writing and recording his poppy, personal and usually very funny songs.

Now, having just turned 30, Terry is able to play music full-time and is now touring with one of his favorite bands, The Apples in Stereo. Aqueduct will play The Conservatory tonight sans the Apples.

Now a Seattle resident these days, Terry said the music scene in Oklahoma City and Tulsa has undergone a big improvement since he left in 2004.

"Finally, there is a generation that decided to do something about it," he said. "There are new record stores, clubs and bands and even venues like Cain's (Ballroom in Tulsa) have gotten down and dirty, and booked some awesome bands. Now there are a lot of national touring acts playing Oklahoma and Tulsa, rather than avoiding it." "Joe Wertz

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