Tulsa woman posts thong-wearing man's picture on the Web

Just in case you haven't gotten enough of a dose of skin with our Enid coverage, CFN is more than happy to bring you more, this time direct from T-town.


A few Tulsa women took matters into their own hands recently when a man they spotted wearing what seemed to be revealing underpants appeared to be more interested in " er " hanging out than making purchases.


According to a News on 6 report, a staffer did a double take when she spotted a man in a store "posing," sporting " along with shirt and shoes " light, sheer running shorts that offered, well, cheeky coverage.


"Was that what I thought I saw?!" she said she thought at the time.


Um, apparently, yes.


So, what did she do? Alert store employees? Ask him if he'd forgotten something? Buy him some pants?


Nope! She snapped his photo with her camera phone! Then posted it on MySpace!


CFN can't say it's the most flattering image. And what with that week's arctic temps, the guy must have been freezing his " well, never mind.


The MySpace posting " although done in jest " confirmed other women's belief they'd also seen the man in sheer shorts "¦ or less.


One, according to News on 6, said she saw him twice in a week in different stores, the latter time allegedly wearing a red thong under sheer tights. Ouch! She called police, who escorted him out.


The man's pants, according to News 9, were in his car. He couldn't be charged with indecent exposure, the station reported, because "enough was covered." Tulsa police, however, turned the case over to the district attorney, contending the man should be charged with outraging public decency.


CFN will keep you, um, covered on this one.

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