I am unconvinced by her apology, with or without the tears.

I am also convinced that many of those who applauded her, in the Republican caucus or at the gun range, were not applauding her apology.

Our economic elite have successfully transformed Oklahoma from Democratic into Republican by using institutions like The Oklahoman and the Baptist church to encourage and empower the more ignorant and bigoted elements of our population, as Bob Kerr prophesied to Frosty Troy 50 years ago. This is unlikely to change; it’s worked too well.

I predict that if affirmative action is ever put to a vote of the people, it will suffer the same fate as the union shop. And if present trends continue, it soon will be acceptable for white politicians to use the N-word openly once again, and they won’t have to resort to code phrases like “reverse discrimination” while playing the us-vs.-them games that keep the rich rich, and the rest of us divided and powerless.

—Lee Agnew
Oklahoma City

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