I have been a cashier, and I have seen concealed guns when customers were reaching for their wallets in businesses where guns were prohibited.

Scott thinks that I assume iPhones and cell phones in pockets are guns, but there have been people shot while reaching for a cell phone. Kelley says, “The bad guy is the one with a gun killing people.” He proves my point and I thank him. The only way to tell a bad guy with a gun from a good guy with a gun is after someone is injured or dead.

“Law-abiding citizens that legally carry concealed weapons are not just waiting around for a horrific event to occur, so they can take out their gun and blast someone,” Kelley writes. So why are you carrying one? Do you think carrying a weapon no one can see will prevent a horrific event, and you don’t plan to shoot anyone if a horrific event occurs?

There have been people killed by previously law-abiding citizens with concealed weapons, although not usually in a “hail of gunfire.” It usually happens when someone has been drinking too much or gets mad and kills a relative. The kid in Arizona was legally carrying a gun. Open carry is legal in Arizona.

Rep. Sally Kern, R-Oklahoma City, the pistol-packing preacher’s wife, has been caught twice with a legally purchased and licensed gun at the state Capitol, where weapons are not allowed.

Many times I have read or heard the phrase, “he bought the gun that day at such and such a store, so we are going to charge first-degree murder because it showed intent.” I was on federal grand jury duty in the ’80s for a year, and yes, people with legally purchased guns do commit crimes, even in Oklahoma.

Scott, I did not imply that every citizen is packing a gun in plain sight or that they are doing it in Moore. If they were in plain sight, I would feel safer because I would be out of there.

I do leave Moore and Oklahoma. I am not the one who can’t leave home without a weapon.

—Karen Webb 

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