Web sites give students guidance in class scheduling

Students of today now have a tool to help them feel their way though the shadowy world of class schedules: Web sites like www.ratemyprofessor.com and www.pickaprof.com, through which students share opinions of past classes they have taken in order to better everybody's education.

"Instead of just having those two or three friends you have to ask, it opens up the entire campus, and it gives you a fuller picture of what to expect," said Karen Bragg, director of university relations at Pick-A-Prof. "It's really about finding professors that you're best going to learn from."

Thanks to the University of Oklahoma student government, the service is free to OU students. The site offers:
" help with class schedules,
" a breakdown of professors' grading history, and
" student-posted class reviews.

Eric Mutschler, an OU senior, uses the site every semester.

"I've gotten to know kind of what I'm up against," he said. "It kind of gives you guidelines so you're not in the dark right when you go into the class."

Mutschler eventually told OU sophomore Lauren Luberoff about the site before she put together her first schedule last year.

"You know how you like to be taught," Luberoff said. "You can get into the class you need to be in." "CJ Macklin

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