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Peter J. Brzycki
Oklahoma City National Memorial
It has been 25 years since Oklahoma City's worst day, and though we have forged onward into the future, it has left a lasting mark. That mark could have made us afraid and suspicious of change; instead, we look forward to progress and hold the courage of so many that day as a standard to live up to in the face of hardship — whether that comes in the form of destructive tornados or a virus traveling across the globe and into our community. Today, #WeRemember the lives lost in the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building and the courage of those who stepped up to help in whatever way they could.

In this uncertain time of social distancing, we've compiled some past Oklahoma Gazette articles ranging from a search for answers in the weeks after the bombing to the opening of the memorial and how its story has expanded.

May 4, 1995

July 12, 1997

April 12, 2000

May 19, 2001

April 14, 2010

Public and officials remember Murrah Building in ceremony on tragedy's 15th anniversary

April 15, 2015

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