“You would think that we would be farther along in the thinking about women in country music, but then I see stats like [the one cited above] and realize that women really do seem to get the short end,” Underwood told Billboard.

“There is certainly not a shortage of talented ladies out there that want so badly to get their fair shot in this business, but there seems to be only room for only a few.”

In the interview, the Checotah-raised megastar also said she doesn’t believe she’d be where she is if not for American Idol and women can’t get away with singing “partying, beerdrinking, hung-over, truck-driving kind of music.”

And you know what? She kinda has a point (though we’d love to hear her version of “Beer for My Horses”).

really have to hand it to Underwood. Between her women’s equality
tirade and her support for (gulp) marriage equality, she has established
herself as one of the most progressive minds in a largely
backward-thinking industry.

hot-button issue will she tackle next? Filibuster reform? Marijuana
legalization? Climate change? We’re on pins and needles here, Carrie.

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