Woods' hopes for Grand Slam vanish with Masters loss

The Grand Slam. No golfer has ever won it, at least not the modern version " which includes:

the Masters, U.S. Open, British Open and PGA Championship.

Not even Tiger Woods.

You see, just like all of the gentlemen mentioned before him, Woods is a mere mortal. No matter how much the media likes to overstate his invincibility or greatness, he is human. He proved that fact again over the weekend at the Masters, when his quest for a fifth green jacket came up short.

Earlier this year, Woods wrote on his Web site he believed winning all four majors in a single golf season was "easily within reason."

"For most of my career I've won more than four tournaments per year, and all I have to do is win the right four, and I've done that a few times. If you put it all together, have luck on your side, all the stars line up, it is certainly possible," he later told reporters.

According to some of best writers who cover golf, all Woods really needed to do was tee it up, play his game and watch the rest of the field shrivel up and fade away.

The problem with that theory is, well, Woods is not as automatic as he's made out to be. With the pressure of his own words lingering at every juncture, Tiger could not close the deal. He didn't win because he is not the robot many would like to believe him to be. "Jay C. Upchurch

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