Mayoral duties

Nov 7-13, 2018

Vol. 40, No. 45


Food & Drink

  • Sooner statehood

    By Jacob Threadgill

  • Nostalgia-proof

    Tokyo Japanese Restaurant is one of Oklahoma City’s oldest sushi options, and it’s still delivering the hits with an expanding menu.

    By Jacob Threadgill

  • Cooking lessons

    An Oklahoma City Public Schools graduate turned Bravo TV star chef returns to the classroom and teaches students how to be resourceful in the kitchen.

    By Nazarene Harris

  • Family fuel

    The Hall’s Pizza Kitchen grows from food truck to successful brick-and-mortar Midtown destination.

    By Jacob Threadgill

  • International spice

    Edmond’s Kafutoh African Food Mart provides food staples and recipes to educate customers.

    By Jacob Threadgill

Arts & Culture

  • Raising voices

    Vienna Boys Choir performs at Edmond’s Armstrong Auditorium Nov. 20.

    By Daniel Bokemper

  • The doors

    A sculpture professor from University of Oklahoma encourages exploration with an installation meant to be engaged, if not entirely understood.

    By Charles Martin

  • Playing Phantom

    With Love Never Dies, Andrew Lloyd Webber expands the world of The Phantom of the Opera, returning to its characters and their choices in love, song and locale.

    By Ian Jayne

  • Acting honor

    Film actor Stephen Lang brings the stories of eight recipients of the Medal of Honor in one-man show Beyond Glory.

    By Jeremy Martin

  • Lethal beauty

    An encaustic artist recreates the cancers attacking her family in an effort to process the struggle that took her father and threatens her mother.

    By Charles Martin

  • OKG Shop: Unique jewel

    From The Girlie Show organizer to demi-fine jewelry trendsetter, Erin Merryweather continues to advocate for Oklahoma’s handcrafted vanguard.

    By Charles Martin

  • Mastering magic

    Oklahoma City magician Jonathan Meyer has spent his life studying and practicing magic.

    By Daniel Bokemper


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