Strain Review: Hippie Crasher

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Berlin Green
Hippie Crasher by Apex Genetics

Strain name: Hippie Crasher

Grown by: Apex Genetics

Acquired from: Dynamic Meds

Date acquired: Jan. 19

Physical traits: frosted light green with hints of purple

Bouquet: sweet and gassy

Review: A chance encounter with the proprietors of Dynamic Meds at the newly-opened sports bar The Boot, both at the corner of Reno and May avenues, led to the discovery of this strain, the current flagship of Apex Genetics. This cross between Wedding Cake and Kush Mints looks like a winter storm under magnification, so much so that you have to break it up even to see its true colors clearly. The nose isn’t extremely strong and it doesn’t hit your lungs hard, which might lead you to believe it isn’t potent, but that would be a mistake. A mistake I made (also didn’t get a close look at the trichomes until after the first bowl — oops). This one took a few minutes to reach its full potential. Once it did, the regret of going so hard in the early afternoon took hold as well. But at the end of a long day, this one serves its purpose well.