Strain Review: Brad’s Gas OG

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Berlin Green
Brad's Gas by CBE Farms

Strain name: Brad’s Gas OG

Grown by: CBE Farms

Acquired from: Frontier Medicine

Date acquired: March 19

Physical traits: Frosted light green with orange stigmas

Bouquet: Sweet and earthy

Review: If you’re anything like me, you might be a bit tired of feeling super “high” each time you smoke. After searching low and, and, well, high, for something on the milder side, Frontier Medicine is where I found the flower I’ve been seeking. Pharmacist-owned, they take great care to stock products that cleave towards a true medical use. If you want to enjoy the benefits of cannabis without a heady high that drags you to the floor or causes your anxiety to shoot through the roof, this uplifting 4:1 CBD strain offers all the calming, relaxing and pain relieving benefits without the cloudiness or fatigue. Named after her late brother, Amy and Chad Bates of CBE Farms developed Brad’s Gas OG after a series of unfortunate events in their grow led to the germination of these unique seeds. A happy accident indeed.