Chicken-Fried News: Friday Fallin

Chicken-Fried News: Green gobblin
OKC Friday, The Newspaper for Oklahoma’s Trendsetters’ Grandparents, released their list of the 50 Most Powerful Oklahomans screaming into the void, where it will echo and cease to exist without ever affecting anything living or dead.

Topping the list are a lot of wealthy people, like Larry Nichols (oil), Clay Bennett (basketball), David Boren (education), Bill Anoatubby (governing a tribe) and Mary Fallin (governing a state).

Kind of a rough draw for Gov. Fallin. All the people ahead of her on the list are in the state that she rules with an iron, blue-pantsuited fist. She’s only got two spots on Mick Cornett (governing a city)!

But it seems Fallin has a plan. She teamed up with Attorney General Scott Pruitt (a newcomer to the list) to boost their all-important Friday ratings by going to war with the Oklahoma Supreme Court over whether or not a statue has to go someplace else.

We would like to give props to Russell Perry, founder of Perry Publishing, for proving you don’t have to be rich and white to make it onto Friday’s 50 Most Powerful list — only rich.