Storm watch

A new photography exhibit at Visions in the Paseo, 2924 Paseo, showcases something very close to home for Oklahomans. David Mayhew’s “Stormy Skies” primarily features scenes of severe weather taken in Oklahoma and surrounding states.

“He goes out and chases storms. Because those obviously give you some really amazing skies,” said Visions owner Glenn Fillmore. “Some of the cloud formations and the stormy skies that you see out here, these photographs just bring those right out.”

Despite the subject, the photos have distinct differences, as Fillmore said that the UK native is good at placing the viewer in the scene. “I don’t know how he does it, and I’m a photographer. He has a great eye,” he said. “I don’t think (visitors are) going to see photographs like this anywhere else in Oklahoma. They’re just breathtaking.”

Mayhew’s photos, all of which are for sale, will remain on display in the main gallery until Aug. 3, and then in the side gallery until Sept. 1.