OKC woman allegedly trades sex for chips

There isn't much Chicken Fried News intern Bucky wouldn't do for some Cool Ranch Doritos. And, he apparently has company in his potato-chip passion.

Lahoma Sue Smith recently found herself in a snack-food snafu after Oklahoma City police happened upon a car containing Smith with her Bugles out and a passenger quickly trying to cover up his Cheeto.

Undercover officers first noticed Smith flashing her headlights " no, not those headlights " to try to catch a date, according to an article on NewsOK.com. The cops followed her car and found her starting to get spicy with an unnamed John. The best part? Apparently, Smith told cops that the man didn't have any money, but had agreed to pay her for her services with a $30 pack of Frito-Lay chips. That's what we call a lay for some Lay's.

Smith was arrested on a prostitution complaint, but the sorry sack who was trying to get some salty lovin' was let go. Smith, however, was not so lucky. She pleaded no contest to the prostitution charge, according to The Oke, and was also ordered to pay $1,142 from an earlier arrest. We wonder if the city accepts payment in the form of Tostitos?