It’s a gas, gas, Gassaway

Mike Gassaway, one of the most colorful and controversial defense attorneys ever to dominate an Oklahoma County courtroom (he last made a CFN appearance three and a half years ago, when he was disbarred by the Oklahoma Bar Association for, among other things, accepting sexual favors as payment for representation), plays the part of the Albert Brooks character in this takeoff, titled “Drink.”

The parody, filmed by an Austin, Texas-based production company, is slated to be posted this week on

Gassaway, who traded in lawyering for acting — yes, technically, there is a difference between the two — has racked up an array of roles, from an uncredited gig as Scooter Libby in Oliver Stone's “W.” to playing an assistant head coach on TV's “Friday Night Lights,” since his move to Austin in 2008. He next appears on the Feb. 7 debut of ABC’s “The River,” a TV series produced by Steven Spielberg and “Paranormal Activity” creator Oren Peli.

Maybe it's only fitting that a former member of the bar would show up in a spoof about bars. Or maybe we're just drunk on puns.

Bottoms up; here's “Drink”: