Kurt Vile — Smoke Ring for My Halo

Your bros went down to 35 Conferette in advance of their SXSW trip. It was a long week, so you didn’t feel like driving fast to catch up with them. You just want to chill.

If it was last year, the mood from Beach House’s “Teen Dream” would be washing over your room, but it’s played out. All your folk is too sad for you right now. Distinguishable words are just too much work. Psych is really not a very good solo trip. You just want some solid pop songs, but without all the energy-drink saccharine qualities modern pop has gathered up. Like Simon and Garfunkel, only less folky.

What you’d really like is a beautiful, lazy album written by someone who’s playing slow music not because he can’t play fast, but because he wants to write chilled-out music. It would have good melodies and not require a clear comprehension of lyrics or arrangements to love the album. There should be depth to the tunes if you wanted to explore that later, but a top level of graceful immediacy that’s brilliant enough to get anyone by. No gimmicks, no trends, just guitar-based tunes to chillax to.

Good news! Veteran indie-rocker Kurt Vile wrote “Smoke Ring For My Halo,” and it came out Tuesday. Hit up Guestroom on the way home.