Chevy bass

Cami Stinson

With each episode running two and a half minutes, the weekly documentary series originally began as Chevy Bricktown Showcase.

general idea of the show was to create a bridge between the independent
artists with the local Oklahoma music scene with the general public
that sometimes forgets there is this enormous wealth of talent right
under their nose right at the bar down the street,” said director Tommy

Each episode airs around 11:30 p.m. Fridays
on KWTV Channel 9. Local Chevy dealers sponsor the program, essentially
trading a car advertisement for one touting a local artist.

an artist, I don’t have the funds to go out and buy a commercial spot
on local television,” said Daniel Walcher, an Edmond-based
singer-songwriter showcased last season. “So from an artist’s
perspective, that’s a pretty big gift to be able to do that.”

A season’s worth of programming is created over six days of shooting. Each
musician is featured in an interview and a performance. At the end of
the season, a special half-hour episode features all the musical acts.

has such a rich musical face, and I don’t think everyone’s aware of how
many great original artists are from our state,” said Cami Stinson, a
jazz vocalist whose episode is scheduled to debut June 22. “We actually
have a lot of really talented people that live in Oklahoma and still
perform and write music in all kinds of genres.”

Chevy Music Showcase makes it a point to choose practicing artists, not just hobbyists.

The Pretty Black Chains

cover a wide range of experience, but the thread that ties all of it is
this isn’t just a flight of fancy; this isn’t just something they do
for giggles,” Smeltzer said. “They’re serious about what they do.”

After an artist is showcased, he or she serves as host for the next act.

“The interview is a conversation between the two artists.
It’s not, ‘We’re interviewing so and so,’” Smeltzer said. “We put them
in the venue and throw out a couple of topics for them to discuss, and
very quickly, they forget it’s an interview.”

Linville was the subject of this season’s first episode, while Scott
Keeton gets the spotlight Friday. On tap after that are:
K.C. Clifford,

John Calvin,
• Fos,
• Samantha Rose,
Dustin Prinz,
The Pretty
Black Chains
Brine Webb and
The Damn Quails.

Featured venues include:

• Blues Saloon,
• Bricktown Brewery,
• JJ’s Alley,
• Nonna’s Purple Bar,

• TapWerks,
• The Blue Door and
• The Deli.

Shows also can be seen online at or

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