Klipspringer singer leader sells Norman fine wine

Ty Kamm is the assistant manager at Joe's Place Fine Wine & Spirits in Norman, but you might recognize him as the showman fronting longtime local heroes Klipspringer.
"My discount comes in handy for the rock 'n' roll lifestyle," Kamm said.

For Kamm, the job has lasted nearly as long as his music career; he's been at Joe's for 15 years, and been making music for 17.
"I'm not getting rich at either, but I'm still making my music, and that was always my intent," he said. "It's a pretty stress-free life " really busy " but essentially stress free."
He enjoys the notoriety of being a workplace celebrity, which he said his co-workers find amusing.
"They usually say they had no idea I had it in me," he said.
Kamm seems quite comfortable with his place at Joe's, and in the band.
"We realized a long time ago that we weren't going to be the next U2," he said. "We just make our silly tunes, and if some people like them, great. If they don't, then screw them. The beat goes on." "Tory Troutman

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