We've got...the Langston University Marching Band!

“We get a lot of invitations, but we don’t accept all of them,” said Larry Birden, now serving his third year as band director. “It doesn’t agree with our schedules or the season.”

Lucky for all of us, this parade did, and the 125 Langston University students who comprise the band are as thrilled as you should — and will — be.

“They’re excited. This is something new and they’re definitely looking forward to it,” Birden said. “We’ll do what we can to entertain you folks. Hopefully we can set a precedent.”

Just what does the marching band intend to do in order to set that bar high?

“We definitely will do some appropriate music for the occasion. This is a very energetic group of young students. We play a wide variety, a wide genre of music. Within that small route, we plan on trying to entertain as many people as possible,” he said. “I think all marching bands have a uniqueness about them. I think the one thing that makes Langston a little bit different probably has a lot to do with the fact that we tend to be a little more show style-oriented and a little more crowd-pleasing.”